Reporting to Parents

In accordance with the School Act, three written reports and two informal reports will be issued throughout the year. The informal reports may take many forms including conferences, interviews (at school or over the phone), three way conferences, open houses, or Agenda communications.Parents are welcome to arrange conferences with their child’s teacher during the school year to discuss progress. Staff will contact parents when there is a need for consultation. It is important to contact the school via agendas or phone to make appointments for an interview.

Primary Reports

Primary Reports are structured written comments. They do not compare one youngster to another, but rather report on the child’s strengths, areas to develop and ways to support learning. They reflect the widely held expectations for children in a similar age range.

Intermediate Reports

Intermediate Reports have Achievement grades that show the pupil’s progress in comparison to predefined criteria for the subject/course/grade/level at which the pupil is working. Reports combine grades with structured written comments which include: strengths, areas in need of development and ways to support learning. An important part of the report card is the section which indicates effort and work habits, as well.