Sports and Activities at Canyon-Lister Elementary


We have a lot happening at Canyon-Lister Elementary this year!

Cross-country: Sept/Oct
Volleyball: Nov/Dec
Choir: Lunch-Mondays all year
Music: Weekly all year for all grades
Basketball: Feb/March
Regalia making: Lunches, 4-5 x wk in Feb/Mar/April
Pow wow drumming: At PCSS, several sessions in April
Pow wow dancing: At PCSS, several sessions in April
Forest Garden Club: May/June
Floor hockey with the Thundercats: Lunch- Wed- Jan/Feb
Judo: Lunch- weekly- April to June
Be the Change: Wed afternoon in UNESCO Hour all year
Soccer: Afternoons once weekly April-June
Art Club: Afternoons once weekly April-June
Sewing Club: Afternoons once weekly April-June
Tech Club: Afternoons once weekly April- June
Chess: Spring- around chess tournament time
Garden Club: April- June
Track and Field: June competition Gr 5-7

We are very excited this year to be able to offer our new judo program, which will be run by instructors from the Creston Judo Club. Additionally, we will be running a new soccer program, with instructors from the Creston Soccer Association. Floor hockey with the Creston Thundercats was another new activity this year, and the students loved it!

There are no activity fees for any of our students at Canyon-Lister Elementary. This is part of our UNESCO commitment to equity and we are grateful for the grants we have received that allow us to offer so many opportunities free of charge.

If any parent/caregivers would like to help coach a sport, please contact us at the school.

Current until: Saturday, September 12th, 2020

Posted: Wednesday, March 11th, 2020