Changes to K-9 Reporting

By Laury Carriere, Principal - Canyon-Lister Elementary

Hello parents/caregivers,

Changes to K-9 Reporting in SD8 Kootenay Lake

As you know, the curriculum in BC has changed, and as a result the way we communicate learning to families has also changed. The BC Ministry of Education has been looking at best ways to report learning, has received feedback from families, and is implementing changes. This is to reflect the changes in how we communicate with each other and how teachers create and assess learning opportunities for their students. 

At Canyon-Lister Elementary, we communicate student learning in many ways, including using Class Dojo and email.  This is ongoing and keeps you informed. In addition to this shift to more ongoing communication, the formal written report cards in the school district are also changing. This year, all schools in SD8 Kootenay Lake will be shifting to two formal written report cards, and three other Points of Progress communications. At Canyon-Lister Elementary, it will look like this:

  • November 21, 2019: Parent/Caregiver-Teacher Interviews, 2.30pm-7pm
  • January 31, 2020: Report card
  • Before spring break: Teacher’s choice: phone call, meeting, interim report, etc.
  • End of April: Student-led Conferences
  • June 25, 2020: Report Card

The November interview time will be a chance to talk to the classroom teacher about the goals for your child for this year.  We will be using a new online appointment program to allow you to select an appointment time that works for you, and more information about this event will go home soon.

Report Cards

At the end of January, you’ll be receiving a written report card from the teacher.  As last year, the students will be assessed using the terms “Emerging”, “Developing”, “Proficient” and “Extending”. This proficiency scale is aligned with what is being used across BC. This means there will not be letter grades in grades 4-7 on the report card again. The comments will describe your child’s strengths, “stretches” (areas for continued growth), and what you can do at home to support.

Points of Progress

There will be three additional times your child’s progress will be communicated to you: there will be parent-teacher interviews; student-led conferences; and an opportunity for individual teachers to choose how they will communicate learning to you. Each will give you good information about your child’s skills and progress. 

What if? 

What if you want to know about a specific academic goal or if you’re worried about how the child is progressing in relationship to other children of the same age?  Just ask. The teachers will be able to give you information about your child’s learning. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or make an appointment to meet.

Laury Carriere

By Laury Carriere, Principal - Canyon-Lister Elementary