Bus Reminders During Inclement Weather

A gentle reminder from everyone at SD8 that bus cancellations or delays of 15 minutes or more are reported to schools, local radio stations, and the SD8 School Bus Information Line (1-855-352-0008), in addition to being posted on our website and Twitter. During inclement weather, please tune in to your information source of choice to ensure the bus is running as scheduled.

When weather conditions are such that the buses may be significantly delayed or cancelled, parents should ensure that their children do not wait for extended periods of time at the stop. If parents leave home before the student(s) have been picked up by the bus, parents are to ensure alternate care arrangements are in place.

View the Pupil Transportation Procedures manual.

To ensure that emergent phone calls are not missed during bus run times, we ask that all non-urgent calls are made to the Transportation offices between 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

Any further questions or concerns should be direct to Janet Wall, Manager of Operations, at janet.wall@sd8.bc.ca.