End-of-School-Year Transitions

June 15th 2022

Spring is the time of transitions, and at Canyon-Lister Elementary all staff have been working together to make sure we provide transition opportunities for our students so that their experience is a smooth as possible. Events we have recently held: 

  • The Welcome to Kindergarten event for upcoming kindergarten students.
  • The monthly Play Our Way to K session for 3-6 year olds.
  • Visits to the high school for our Grade 7 students.
  • Transition meetings with staff at the high school and our Grade 7 team.
  • Grade-to-grade transition meetings so that staff can talk about each student with the teacher who will most likely be receiving them next year.
  • Family of Schools Grade 7 BBQ, so that upcoming Grade 8 students meet new friends before they start at KRSS.

We want to make sure that staff are familiar with strategies, goals, and strengths as they welcome their new students to their classrooms in September. 

We wish everyone a wonderful transition to summer!