Water Quality Testing Update

Following water testing in December, School District 8 has identified that the majority of locations met or exceeded the recent changes to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality in regards to heavy metals. A few locations were identified as being above the maximum allowable concentrations for drinking water. Please see below for a detailed list of what sites are affected.

As an interim measure, any locations that were found to be above the maximum allowable concentration are being directed to flush their water systems daily to ensure that the water being delivered is fresh. Longer-term mitigation strategies or renovations are being planned to ensure that all drinking fountains within our schools are safe and meets or exceeds the requirement of all applicable guidelines and regulations.

The following sites had an exceedance at one or more of their drinking fountains:

  • Hume Elementary School
  • LV Rogers Secondary School
  • Prince Charles Secondary School
  • Rosemont Elementary School
  • Salmo Elementary School
  • South Nelson Elementary School
  • Trafalgar Middle School
  • Winlaw Elementary School

The following sites had no exceedances at any of their drinking fountains:

  • Adam Robertson Elementary
  • AI Collinson
  • Canyon- Lister Elementary
  • Central Education Centre
  • Crawford Bay Elementary & Secondary
  • Creston Operations Bus Garage
  • Erikson Elementary
  • Gordon Sargent
  • LVR Daycare
  • Mount Sentinel Secondary School
  • Redfish Elementary
  • Salmo Daycare
  • Salmo Secondary School
  • W.E. Graham Elementary & Secondary

The following sites will be sampled in January:

  • J.V. Humphries Elementary & Secondary
  • Jewett Elementary

The following sites are currently on bottled water due to unrelated issues are were not sampled at this time:

  • Brent Kennedy Elementary School
  • Blewett Elementary School


For more information;

Dr. Christine Perkins 



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