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Parent Advisory Council

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Thank-You! CLES Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)- 2019-20

Every year we have a group of dedicated parents who work together to fundraise and represent the families of our school. All of their efforts are for the benefit of every student at Canyon-Lister Elementary, and without their contributions our students would not be able to participate in a number of opportunities. We extend our thanks to these parents who have offered their PAC service to us this year:

Brady Huscroft- PAC Chair
Teresa Cherrington
Nicole Weatherby

Even with Covid, this year our PAC ran fundraisers such as the monthly pizza lunches and the autumn wreath fundraiser, and applied for grants to generate funds to provide services to students. Some of things they have provided your child and our school this year are the following:

School photos

PAC subsidized approximately half the cost of your child’s school photos, allowing families to have high quality digital prints from DB Photography for only $5.


PAC paid for classes to have gymnastics sessions with instructors at the gymnastic studio in town.

Gr 7 celebration gift

Each Grade 7 student this year will be receiving a very special gift from PAC.

Soup lunch

A healthy lunch was provided and served by PAC- this day was a hit!


For all students, during a whole-school skate afternoon with the Thundercats.

Student Symposium

PAC members attended the SD8 Student Symposium in Nelson and provided input and feedback to help shape the priorities and budget for the district.

Book Fair help

An extra pair of hands was very much appreciated!

Facilities Review Meeting

PAC members attended the SD8 Facilities Review public presentation as Canyon-Lister representatives.

Breakfast program

PAC members volunteered at breakfast once weekly for the school year to help prepare a nutritious breakfast for all of our students.

Music resources

Music supplies, sheet music, and other resources were paid for by PAC.

Winter Concert

Refreshments were provided by PAC.

Call for New PAC Members!

In order to support and sustain our PAC, we hope to have many new volunteers in September 2020! Even if you can only help out a little bit, your contribution will make a difference. PAC meets once a month at school, and if you are able to help, please contact our school secretary Rachel. She will be able to connect you with our PAC chair, Brady Huscroft.

Casual Volunteers

If you prefer to just have your name on a list of parent/caregivers who are able to be called upon to volunteer for an hour here and there to help our PAC out,that would also make a huge difference. Please get in touch with Rachel at 250-428-4161.

Breakfast Program Volunteers

We are always looking for Breakfast Program volunteers. If you are able to help out once weekly in the morning for an hour next year, please contact us at school.


Again, many thanks to PAC on behalf of all of us at school. You make a difference and we are so grateful for all you do.

Laury Carriere


District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Meeting Schedule, 2019-20 (new)- please find the link below.

Important Reminders to Parents

Without the efforts of our PAC, our students would not have the opportunities listed above, nor would they have the very popular pizza days! It is very important that all parents understand that if they would like their children to continue to benefit from PAC that there needs to be shared efforts- our PAC is small, and they work to support all students. Please consider ether joining PAC, or putting your name on a list of volunteers who can be called upon for a specific event/fundraiser. If we have a list of parents from all grades, we will have people we can count on to help out for an hour or so a month when needed- and everyone benefits. Call the school at 250-428-4161 or email clerical.canyon@sd8.bc.ca if you would like to put your name forward.

Process for Requesting Funds from PAC

If you would like to request that PAC help to support a school project, please refer to the process below:

  1. Submit a formal request to the school via email, or attend a PAC meeting in person to make the formal request.
  2. Submit your formal request no later than December 15th each year.
  3. PAC will inform you of their decision shortly afterwards.

On behalf of all students, parents, and staff, we thank PAC for everything you have done for our school.