Canyon-Lister School is proud to be part of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network. What does it mean to be a UNESCO school? The UNESCO Associated Schools Network has over 11,000 associated schools in 182 countries. In Canada, we are part of 87 schools in 8 provinces. Teachers and students in UNESCO associated schools explore four study areas. These include the following: Intercultural learning, Education for Global Citizenship, Education for Sustainable Development, and the ASPnet and UNESCO priorities. Teachers provide innovative learning experiences and inclusive environments that encourage students to reflect on a variety of global issues, such as human rights, poverty, sustainability, and cultural diversity.

UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Learning (learning to do, learning to be, learning to know, and learning to live together) are a daily part of our learning at Canyon-Lister School. Students are encouraged and recognized for demonstrating these important qualities.

Being a part of the UNESCO program opens up a variety of unique and educational opportunities for students and staff. In 2018, two students and a teacher were invited to the UNESCO Conference in Winnipeg, taking part in a variety of workshops and visiting the new Canadian Human Rights Museum.

We at Canyon-Lister School are very proud of our involvement in the UNESCO Associated Schools program and these core values and ideas are seen throughout our daily practice.

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