Welcome to 2022-23!

Parent Advisory Council

At Canyon-Lister Elementary we have a dedicated Parent Advisory Committee who works hard to provide extra opportunities for all of our students. Our PAC executive in 2022-23 is the following team:

-Breanne Boehmer- PAC Chair

-Christie Fell- PAC Deputy Chair

-Cheri-Ann MacKinlay- PAC Treasurer and DPAC Rep

-Gelina Berg- Secretary


If you would like to connect with Breanne Boehmer, our PAC chair, you can reach her at clespacpres@gmail.com.

PAC meetings are usually held the first Thursday of each month at 6.30pm, and notice of meetings are emailed home by the school. All CLES parents are warmly welcomed to attend meetings.

Volunteering- if you would like to be on a list to be called for volunteer opportunities for events that may happen throughout the year, please email Breanne.